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Need a little help with your property? Call Muskoka Grounds Care. We are happy to maintain your residential or commercial property all year long or provide seasonal care that fits your budget.


& grounds care

Our company offers multiple packages for customers seeking residential property maintenance. Once you find the package that best fits your property needs, we can begin performing the regular work you need to keep your property beautiful throughout the seasons. We understand that every home requires a different type of upkeep and care. Not only that, but every homeowner has different preferences on what type of landscaping services they want. That is why we offer custom programs to meet everyone’s needs. On top of that, we offer general property maintenance services to keep your home, cottage or commercial space beautiful.

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We care, maintain and deliver beautiful results, all year long.

We care, maintain and deliver beautiful results, all year long.

from the
ground up

Muskoka Grounds Care takes care of your property all year-round from summer landscape & lawn care to winter maintenance and full property maintenance.

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